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Target Demographics With Disposable Income by Saab Lofton

Target Demographics With Disposable Income
by Saab Lofton

One of the biggest problems with Barack Obama is the problematic paradox he presents: If Obama loses this November, the claim will be that Rev. Jeremiah Wright's brutal honesty contributed to his downfall. If Obama wins, then supposedly the path to electoral success will lie in denouncing the brutally honest. In either event, those who tell the truth in this world are fucked.

Since the days of old -- back when white women were put on pedestals by plantation society and kept from black men who could impregnate them with "mongrels" such as Oscar-winner Halle Berry (and Barack Obama, for that matter) -- all too many whites in America have gotten off on pretending as though they're made out of glass. The theory is white Americans are so fragile, if someone like Rev. Wright points out the existence of American imperialism, they'll simply fall apart.

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